PETER PILZ – Der Namenlose

The Nameless – object to the Danube

The Nameless as guards, officials of the innocent, maybe even a Councillor stands on the Danube and dreams with 3 heads of the waves of passion.

The Nameless as Springer, ready for execution, yet he has not the official decision in the hands and fixed a drop Danube, behind has a longer path than the time before Springer himself.

The Nameless as a minor in pink is not inclined and prostituted themselves in southern light to the blue Danube.

The nameless character as disciplined in silence, holding fixed the heads taken away from the fuselage. As if they were the parent heads, held hands of children to the north and south, on that holds the world together.

A great story that twists and can be confused and the water is still and continues to flow.

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